5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit Twitter

In response to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, many of the platform’s users have decided to leave the platform. You may be considering doing the same thing.

There are a few reasons why you may not want to do that, however, as the platform looks to be going through a period of change.

1. It’s Still A Strong News Source

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Twitter is still a solid source of news. You’ll get real-time updates about the latest events around the world, ensuring you never miss something important happening.

You don’t have to interact with users on the platform. Simply lurking and using it for news is just as valid of a use. While there are other platforms that aggregate the latest news for you, Twitter’s user base of high-profile people means stories often break there first before drip-feeding onto other social platforms.

2. Bot Elimination Will Be A Focus

If you have a problem with the number of bot accounts on Twitter; you’re not the only one. Musk has been very vocal about wanting to remove the number of bot accounts from the platform, meaning this could be a reality in the very near future.

This would make the platform overall a lot more authentic, ensuring that all tweets you read are from an actual person. The bot issue is not unique to Twitter, many platforms have them. Twitter could actually end up being one of the few places not to have a presence of bots.

Bot removal is not as simple as it may sound, however. It is important to note it could take years before bots are eliminated from the platform, and even then there will be some stragglers that get past the platform’s defenses.

Not all bots on the platform are bad, there are useful Twitter bots you can follow.

3. Musk May Have Less Involvement In Future

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While Musk is likely to be heavy-handed over Twitter for a while since he’s purchased it, it is possible he’ll move onto another project, leaving Twitter in the hands of whoever he hires to run it. Looking at the brief history of who owns Twitter, it’s possible Musk will sell and move on in the future just as the original owner has done.

Having a problem with Musk is fine, but there’s no point restricting yourself from a platform you enjoy if the man is barely even involved in decision-making over the platform. Plus, if you can stand by Facebook and Instagram despite being owned by Zuckerberg, it’s misguided to ditch Twitter over Musk.

4. There Could Be An Influx Of New Users

It remains to be seen which side the coin will fall in terms of Musk’s impact on Twitter’s user base. Mastodon exists as the platform’s strongest competitor, with many users flocking to the platform, but it’s possible there will be an influx of new users to Twitter as well.

Just as there are people leaving Twitter due to Musk’s ownership, there will be people joining the platform for the very same reason. An influx of new users is exciting and can absolutely change the way a platform feels. There could be many new accounts that you’d enjoy but miss out on if you leave Twitter prematurely.

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Even if there are toxic corners of the platform, Twitter can be great for community and providing a feeling of connectivity to others sharing the same interests.

The real-time conversations about breaking news and different topics you enjoy can help you feel less alone. If you don’t have a substitute for the interactions you get from Twitter in place, you could end up feeling isolated when leaving the platform.

Of course, this all depends on how involved you get with your communities and how you perceive Twitter in terms of it being positive or negative for discussions.

It’s Not Time To Ditch Twitter Just Yet

Despite your unhappiness with Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, you may want to think twice about ditching the platform for now. It’s worth seeing how things pan out first.

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