5 Reasons Why the Nintendo Switch Is the Best Multiplayer Console

Most children nowadays seem to prefer to have their noses stuck in their phones than in a book. Like it or not, technology has become an intrinsic part of daily life. But quality time with your family or friends is still extremely important.

In cases like these, a good multiplayer console could be exactly what you need, and the Nintendo Switch is by far the best option on the market. It allows you to get quality time with friends or family, as well as your daily technology fix all in one.

1. The Joy-Cons Were Made for Sharing

The Nintendo Switch was created with multiplayer in mind, and the concept of sharing is directly built into its modular design. All other consoles on the market require you to purchase two or more controllers to play with others. With the Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, one set of Joy-Cons can become two controllers.

Multiplayer is as simple as taking the Joy-Cons off and handing one to your friend. This flexibility allows the system to quickly and easily transition from a single-player device to a multiplayer one without having to fork out extra money for multiple controllers.

2. The Nintendo Switch’s Portability Makes It Easy to Take to Gatherings

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system that fits the niche of both a handheld and portable console. This means you can take it out with you anywhere you want to go and still be able to play all of your favorite multiplayer games.

You can take your Nintendo Switch with you to family gatherings, the park, or anywhere else you might need to kill some time with your friends. You can even play multiplayer games with your friends during your bus ride to school.

Close up of a Nintendo Switch docked on a desk

Transporting other consoles can be a cumbersome experience that involves dealing with cords and lugging heavy systems around. The Nintendo Switch is designed to be brought with you, so taking it to a friend’s house is much easier.

3. The Nintendo Switch Has a Huge Library of Multiplayer Games

The Nintendo Switch has a massive library of games, many of which are multiplayer. The Switch has the most popular cross-platform multiplayer titles, such as Fortnite and Among Us. But there are also a huge range of exclusive games on the Nintendo Switch that you can play with your friends.

When it comes to multiplayer games, Nintendo has been at the forefront of the pack for many years. Games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and Mario Party have been staple multiplayer titles for many years, and all of their newest entries can be found on the Nintendo Switch.

4. Both Local and Online Multiplayer Is Available on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s biggest focus is bringing people together, whether they are sitting right next to you or on the other side of the world. The Switch’s design is suited perfectly to local multiplayer, and there is an expansive library of local multiplayer games available on the Nintendo Switch that take advantage of the system’s unique abilities.

But sometimes hanging out with your friends in person isn’t always possible. If that is the case, you can still play Nintendo Switch games together using the Switch’s online features.

Person playing Animal Crossing New Horizons with dog

Offering both online and local multiplayer is a necessity for consoles these days, and the Nintendo Switch is no exception. There are hundreds of games available on the Switch that cater to both online and local multiplayer, so you can game with your friends no matter where you are.

5. The Nintendo Switch’s Family-Friendly Focus Makes It Perfect for All Ages

Nintendo is a family-friendly brand that prides itself on being accessible to all ages. It is well known within the gaming industry for creating games that are suitable for a younger audience while remaining fun for older generations. Nintendo’s games are lighthearted and whimsical experiences that don’t have the same focus on violence or gore as many other franchises.

No matter what first-party Nintendo title you choose to pick up for your family, you can be sure that it will be kid friendly. This can take a lot of stress out of picking a suitable game for your children.

The Nintendo Switch Was Made for Multiplayer

The Nintendo Switch was made to be shared. If you are looking for a console that you can play with your friends and family, the Switch would be perfect for you.

There are many reasons why the Nintendo Switch is the best multiplayer console. But the feature that gives the Switch the edge over its competition is the Joy-Cons. The fact that you can split one pair of Joy-Cons into two controllers will leave you with more money in your pocket that you can spend on any of the family-friendly multiplayer games available on the system.

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