5 Reasons Why the M1 iMac Is the Best Desktop Apple Sells

Apple makes some of the best computers on the market. While the MacBooks are incredibly popular, the company offers four desktop models too: the Mac Pro, Mac Studio, Mac mini, and the iMac.

Even though potential Mac buyers have multiple options to choose from, the iMac stands out from the lineup. Here, we’ll list some compelling reasons why the M1 iMac is the best desktop that Apple sells.

1. The M1 iMac Features a Great Display and Design

Image Credit: Apple

The iMac design has always been iconic, and in 2021 it received an entirely new one that we haven’t seen before from Apple. The M1 iMac features a very sleek design, along with white bezels on the front. This design change was possible because of the efficiency of Apple silicon. Since the iMac got dramatically thinner, it is also surprisingly light.

In a callback to the rainbow Apple logo, the M1 version comes in multiple colors; silver, blue, pink, green, purple, orange, and yellow. The iMac is a two-tone design, with the back of the machine being a darker color while the color on the chin and stand are paler in comparison.

With a wide variety of colors, you can pick a computer that fits your style and preferences. Overall, the design looks great with most modern desk setups, and you can choose a color that fits the environment in which you want to place it.

In terms of the display, the M1 iMac features a 24-inch 4.5K Retina display, which supports 500 nits of brightness and P3 color. The screen size sits between the older Intel-based 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMacs, which is a good middle-ground for regular users. Overall, it’s a high-quality display that is suitable for the users it is targeted towards.

While it may not seem over the top on paper since it is missing specifications like ProMotion 120Hz, the display is excellent for everyday computing tasks and is one of the M1 iMac’s best features.

2. Impressive Camera, Speakers, and Microphones

24-inch iMac on a desk

The M1 iMac offers three features that many consumers consider important for an everyday computer: a built-in camera, microphones, and speakers. The FaceTime camera in the iMac has a 1080p resolution, which is a stellar improvement from the camera that was in the previous 21.5-inch iMac.

Your Zoom or FaceTime calls will look clearer and overall better than the previous generation. If you prefer a better camera, you can also use your iPhone’s camera with your Mac, provided you have macOS Ventura installed. However, most people will be fine with the built-in camera.

As for the speakers, the iMac features a six-speaker system that supports spatial audio like many other Apple devices. The speakers also offer Dolby Atmos, an excellent standard to enhance the movie-watching experience.

Despite being a relatively small and thin computer, the iMac’s speakers deliver excellent sound quality that is clear even at high volumes. Most people will get by just fine with the built-in speakers. You won’t have to purchase external speakers to get exceptional quality.

The iMac also has what Apple calls studio-quality microphones, which the company first introduced alongside the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. The microphones are great for FaceTime calls or for when you need to make a simple voice recording.

They don’t exactly provide the same quality as a dedicated microphone that you connect to a computer, but they are more than suitable for non-professional use.

3. The M1 Chip Still Holds Up

Apple M1 chip on a dark background
Image Credit: Apple

It’s no secret that the Apple silicon iMac is for the mainstream consumer but don’t underestimate its performance. This iMac comes with an M1 chip, the same processor in the Mac mini, and the M1 MacBook Air. Even though there have been multiple new Apple silicon chips since 2020, like the M1 Pro and even the M2 chip, the M1 chip does not fall behind.

In comparison, the M2 chip only offers minor improvements from the M1 regarding CPU and GPU performance. The M1 chip still delivers exceptional performance for what users love to do on their iMacs, all while keeping the machine quiet and power efficient. Beyond that, the iMac’s performance was even powerful enough to replace Quinn Nelson’s—host of Snazzy Labs—Mac Pro.

You can also configure the M1 iMac with up to 16GB of RAM, which is plenty for this particular desktop, and up to 2TB of SSD storage. All in all, the M1’s performance is certainly more than enough for the average user and has taken the iMac to new heights.

4. The M1 iMac Comes With Everything You Need

Purple iMac and Touch ID Keyboard
Image Credit: Apple

One significant aspect of the iMac sets it apart from the rest of Apple’s desktops: it comes with everything you need. The iMac is an all-in-one computer, which means it provides every component of a desktop computer without needing to make additional purchases or spend time researching the best options.

With the iMac, you get a display, a computer, microphones, speakers, a FaceTime camera, a mouse, and a keyboard.

When you compare the iMac to the Mac mini, which doesn’t provide most setup necessities except for a single speaker, the extra cost of the iMac is worth it for what you get.

5. The M1 iMac Is Great Value for Money

One thing that is underrated about the M1 iMac is its value. For $1,299, you get a powerful computer paired with a great display, fantastic speakers, a 1080p FaceTime camera, and excellent performance, even in the base model. All in an impossibly thin, attractive design that stands out on your desk.

Even the higher-priced models of the M1 iMac are reasonable, with additional storage, more ports, and a Touch ID keyboard. Additionally, you can even find the machine frequently on sale from stores such as Amazon or Best Buy to get an even better deal.

At its base price, the M1 iMac is a fantastic computer that impressed many people in the technology space when it first came out.

The M1 iMac Is Hard to Pass Up

Even though the rest of Apple’s desktops are great products, the M1 iMac stands out in the lineup for the reasons mentioned above. If you want a computer with a great display and powerful performance that comes with everything you need, look no further than the iMac.

However, if you do decide to purchase an Apple silicon iMac, you’ll want to ensure you choose the right keyboard, or you might miss out on Touch ID.

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