5 Awesome Features of the Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most iconic vehicles in history, and it’s not even for sale yet. This speaks volumes to the almost mythical status that the Cybertruck enjoys, and the hype is very well justified.

This electric truck has features and specs that make jaws drop, and this was even more true when it originally launched. Regardless, the Cybertruck still features amazing tech that will blow you away.

1. The Tesla Cybertruck Has Supercar Level Power

Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster, and Semi
Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson/​Flickr

At first look, the Cybertruck does not scream supercar fast. However, this truck is most definitely up to the task of embarrassing many exotic vehicles. One of the reasons electric motors are better than internal combustion engines is due to the immense torque and its instant availability.

The Cybertruck enjoys the benefits of instant response, and it’s even more evident when you look at the acceleration figures. Tesla says the Cybertruck will do 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. Just in case you’re unfamiliar with supercar performance figures, this is insanely fast.

When the Cybertruck is finally launched, it should have no trouble positioning itself among the best performance EVs currently for sale. The fact that it’s a huge, armored truck that can seamlessly fit into that category is just amazing. If you need a vehicle that will safely get you through the zombie apocalypse but also at an extremely rapid rate, the Cybertruck is your ticket.

The only vehicle that compares with the Cybertruck in terms of an incredible mix of utility and power is the Rivian R1T. It will definitely be interesting to see how Tesla’s pickup truck stacks up against the Rivian once it hits the market.

2. The Cybertruck Is an Amazing Towing Machine

A Tesla Cybertruck on a highway with mountain in the background
Image Credit: Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

If you think that towing heavy objects is reserved for gasoline-powered pickups, then you’re mistaken. The current crop of EV pickups already proves that you can easily haul heavy objects with an electric vehicle.

Tesla says the Cybertruck can pull over 14,000 lbs, which means you can pretty much haul anything you can think of. If you purchase a Cybertruck, be prepared to field calls all day long from people asking to borrow your truck for moving duties.

The Cybertruck also features an adaptive air suspension that will guarantee that your ride will remain comfortable, even if you’re towing heavy objects. This truck is so capable it will probably outgun many sports cars in a race while pulling a big trailer.

It’s also a pickup truck, and the payload capacity of 3,500 lbs guarantees that the Cybertruck is plenty utilitarian. With a payload capacity this great, the Cybertruck will make quick work of any trips to the hardware store.

3. The Cybertruck Features a 500-Mile Range

The Cybertruck’s 500-mile range will absolutely demolish any range anxiety its owner may have. When the Cybertruck was originally unveiled, a 500-mile range from an electric vehicle, especially one of this size, would have been revolutionary. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot to love about 500 miles of range from your favorite monstrous EV, but it’s no longer unheard of.

The awesome Lucid Air offers a variant that can travel up to 520 miles on a single battery charge. Obviously, this has stolen some of the Cybertruck’s thunder regarding its enormous range, but the Cybertruck still looks like a great road trip vehicle.

Couple this with Tesla’s vast Supercharger network, and you’ve got a truck made for adventures. The tech-rich Rivian R1T can’t really compare with the Cybertruck’s max range, but the Rivian still has plenty going for it.

Regardless, Tesla must be happy that the Rivian hasn’t been able to offer an R1T model that surpasses the 500-mile mark yet. If the Cybertruck delivers on the 500-mile range promise, it will position itself as an EV that could go without charging for the entire work week.

Clearly, this depends on the type of use each owner will subject their Cybertruck to, but it’s definitely feasible to go the entire week without charging your Cybertruck if your commute isn’t too involved.

4. Tesla’s Cybertruck Features a Built-In Air Compressor and On-Board Power

Another remarkable feature of the Cybertruck, and one which speaks to its adventure-focused philosophy, is the inclusion of onboard solutions for compressed air and power. The Cybertruck features an advanced air suspension system that allows the vehicle to be raised, or lowered, for great adaptability in any terrain.

The air suspension is great because it allows the truck to use the onboard air compressor for other duties. This obviously includes filling up your tires after a tough day of off-roading. With onboard air, you don’t have to worry about how to refill your tires back up after airing them down to tackle challenging trails.

In situations where you might encounter sand or other terrain that calls for aired-down tires, the onboard air compressor will prove indispensable. It must be noted that the Rivian R1T also features a compressor built into the truck’s bed, so this feature isn’t something that the Cybertruck will bring to market first.

The Cybertruck website also says the truck will feature onboard power, but they don’t clarify what outlets will be available. The F-150 Lightning offers one of the most comprehensive onboard power solutions, so it will be interesting to see how the Cybertruck fares against the competition.

5. The Tesla Cybertruck Features a Rugged Stainless Steel Exterior

The expected price of Cybertruck
Image Credit: Phillip Stewart/Flickr

Keeping in line with Cybertruck’s cyberpunk theme, it features stainless steel sheet metal. The point of this durable exterior is to make the Cybertruck impervious to minor dents and imperfections.

It’s also good for safety, according to Tesla. If you’re extremely annoyed at minor door dents, then the Cybertruck might solve all your problems.

It remains to be seen how the Cybertruck will handle day-to-day life, especially considering stainless steel is one of the biggest fingerprint magnets known to man. The choice of exterior material won’t alleviate the fact that the Cybertruck already resembles a kitchen appliance.

Regardless, if the exterior is as tough as Tesla says, it’s the perfect choice for the Cybertruck’s body. After all, this truck is meant to be extremely rugged but equipped with all the conveniences you could possibly wish for.

If the Cybertruck Ever Makes It to Market, It’s Shaping Up to Be a Game Changer

The Cybertruck has promised tremendous advances ever since it was first introduced. Now, the revolutionary claims don’t seem that otherworldly thanks to other EV pickup trucks that have made it to market. It will be interesting to see if Tesla can bring the Cybertruck to market with new features that once again take the Cybertruck leaps and bounds over the competition.

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