5 Apps to Help You Accomplish Your Career Goals

If you’ve read a lot about achieving a goal successfully, you know that most experts suggest that you regularly track your progress. Before smartphones, people used daily planners or took advantage of the technology available and used spreadsheets. Now you can track your goals in the palm of your hand.

Access to apps on your phone can help you stay focused on your goals. Instead of writing down your goals in a planner you keep at home, you can quickly access them on your phone. Some apps can help you achieve your goals whether you have an iPhone or Android.

Cloze is an artificial intelligence assistant and customer relationship manager tool in one platform. The platform enables you to access everything you know in one place. The software’s artificial intelligence learns who’s essential to you, reminds you to keep in touch, and provides context.

The software automatically tracks your phone calls, emails, text messages, meetings, and documents. The app also can track messages sent on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and numerous other services.

You can easily organize the information you store in the platform by contact, meeting, and company. Cloze can take the information from email signatures to keep your contacts’ details current. Using Cloze is like having a personal assistant that keeps you up-to-date with your relationships. It can tell where you left off with a contact by summarizing the emails, calls, social media contact, and documents before your next meeting.

If you’re worried about giving Cloze access to all your contact information because you don’t know what they’ll do with it, you can rest easy since Cloze promises not to spam your social networks or contacts. The company also promises they won’t sell or share your information.

The data you share with Cloze is yours, and they promise to be transparent and open about how they’ll use your information. Your information is private and secure. If you’re not ready for an app, you may be interested in learning how to create a simple CRM in Google Sheets.

Download: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Workflowy has been in business for over 12 years, and users have created over three billion accounts on the platform. Users have created over 1.5 billion templates in 87 countries.

The platform has templates for different types of meetings, including project meetings. Workflowy templates are helpful during meetings because they make project meeting notes actionable, so no one leaves the meeting unclear about their responsibilities.

Workflowy also features a habit tracker, annual goals and review, Eisenhower to-do, which helps you track your to-dos, and a meal planner. The app provides templates to help you stay organized and focused on your goals.

Download: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Tick Tick organizes your work-related or personal goals and helps you manage your to-dos. You can get reminded anytime, anywhere, when you establish a reminder.

You get five different calendar views with Tick Tick, so you can handle and check your schedule in a convenient way. You can also share your goals with others and assign tasks while you’re away from the office or home, so everyone knows their responsibilities.

With over 30 features that work smoothly across over ten platforms, crossing things off your to-do list has never been easier. You can add tasks quickly and easily with voice input. You don’t have to worry about missing a deadline with Smart Date Parsing, which will automatically parse a new task into a reminder. You can set how long a task is supposed to take and set multiple reminders, location reminders, and recurring tasks.

Tick Tick has a Pomo Timer, which uses the Pomodoro technique to help you stay productive and focused. The app also has a white noise feature that plays white noise when using the Pomo Timer. You might be interested in learning how to use the Pomodoro Technique to get ahead at work.

If recognition motivates you, you’ll appreciate the achievement scores you receive. You’ll have high achievement scores if you achieve your to-dos on time. If you miss deadlines, your score will drop. Tick Tick provides statistics and a summary of your achievements. You may be interested in learning how to organize your to-do lists using action items.

Download: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

Millions of teams and individuals complete their tasks on Any.do. It is an all-in-one to-do list for your desktop that you can access from your mobile device. The creators of this platform wanted to provide users with powerful features that eliminate the need for expensive project management tools.

With Any.do’s task management app, users can track their progress and manage events with a built-in calendar. You can attach documents and share items with colleagues. The app makes it easier for collaborations because you don’t waste time switching between various productivity tools.

The creators made the platform for advanced achievers, which is why the app allows you to meet your goals on any device, including wearables and virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri.

Any.do has integrations with WhatsApp, Siri, Gmail, Zapier, Slack, and Google Assistant. You can import files from Todoist, Monday.com, Asana, Click-Up, and Trello. With reliable live sync, you can focus on your goals regardless of where you are.

Download: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

The Way of Life habit tracker says it takes less than a minute a day to track, identify, and change your habits. Changing habits can be challenging, and having the right tool can make a difference.

The app is an intuitive habit tracker that motivates you to create a healthier and stronger you. The process of collecting data every day can help you discover positive and negative trends in your lifestyle.

If you’re wondering if you’re meeting your fitness goals, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and reducing sugar intake, the app will let you know if you’re on track. The app can help you track whatever is vital to you, and there are no limits to the habits the app can help you change.

The Way of Life app has numerous features, including cloud backup, unlimited items, charts and bar graphs with trend lines, note-taking, custom messages, flexible scheduling, and effective reminders. If you discover some bad habits you want to eliminate, you may be interested in learning about some great mobile apps for breaking your worst bad habits.

Download: Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

It Is Possible to Achieve Your Career Goals

Whether you enjoy the ability to plan and track your goals from anywhere or prefer to write them down in a journal, it doesn’t matter how you track your progress. The critical part of achieving your goals is having a clear vision of what you want and the steps you will take to get you there.

As you continue to set goals and start planning, remember the key elements your goals need to have. You’re well on your way if they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. If you’re unsure, there are lots of resources that can help.

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