5 Apps for Training With the Galloway Run-Walk-Run Method

Popularized by Olympic runner and longtime coach Jeff Galloway, the run-walk-run method is an accessible training method for many athletes. As it turns out, adding intentional walk breaks into your runs can be a strategic way to prevent injury and combat fatigue.

Here are some apps to help you incorporate this approach to running into your own workouts.

1. Jeff Galloway Running Coach

Galloway’s official app offers a run-walk-run ratio for distances from 5K to the marathon. If you’re interested in learning about how to mix walking intervals with your runs, then this is an excellent starting place.

For the most part, the app is easy to customize to your own particular needs as a runner. Under the Quickstart tab, you can set both your running and walking pace, your run to walk ratio, and whether you’re running on a treadmill or outdoors. Then hit the Slide to Generate button to prepare your workout. Audio instructions and motivation narrated by Galloway himself guide you every step of the way.

Under the Training tab, you can access training plans for the 5K, 10K, 10-mile, half-marathon, marathon, and more events. Many of the plans are free to access, and the rest are available with a subscription. There’s also a Drills screen with options for hill intervals, cadence drill workouts, mile repeats, and more.

Lastly, the Magic Mile screen helps keep track of your progress and decide which pace works best for you.

In addition to the running features, the app also offers a section for meal plans and recipes designed to support your progress and training as an athlete. Anyone looking to train with the Galloway method will appreciate this all-in-one training app.

Download: Jeff Galloway Running Coach for iOS (Free, subscription available)

2. RUN interval – Running Timer

Create your own running intervals with this detailed app. RUN interval also interfaces with Apple Watch, so you can check the run and walk times right on your wrist.

On the Run screen, select your preferred training method for the day, whether you’re setting up custom intervals or simply going for a run. You can also set a specific distance goal, as well as include a warm-up and a warm-down. Once everything is set to your liking, tap the Ready button to get moving.

During your workout, the intervals appear in a large hexagon in the center of the screen. You’ll know whether to run with a hard effort or take an easy walk, and the bright orange sign is easy to read while you’re in motion.

You can also read your current pace and total mileage. If you don’t want to fuss with your phone during the workout, then use the option to have the voice-over tell you when to run or walk.

Once you’re finished, the Summary screen accounts for your total distance and time, as well as your average pace. There’s also a breakdown for your hard and easy paces. For a straightforward, all-in-one running app with interval training options, the RUN interval app is a winner.

Download: RUN interval – Running Timer for iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. RunIntervals

Easy and straightforward, this app lets you choose run and walk interval times. You can use it in conjunction with other workout or music apps as well, so it’s a good choice if you’re already using another app or a fitness watch to record your run itself. It can work concurrently with the Nike Run Club app, for instance.

The app is very simple and easy to read while you’re in motion. You can opt to use tone alerts or voice prompts to switch between the run and walk options. There’s also a silly voice option if you want a bit of fun during your workout.

For a bare-bones interval training option, the RunIntervals app may be everything you need.

Download: RunIntervals for iOS (Free)

4. 5K Run – Walk run tracker

An all-in-one app that records your run, sets up a graduated training plan, and tells you when to go for specific intervals, the 5K Run app has a lot to offer. Voice prompts tell you when to run or walk, so you can focus on the workout without looking at your phone too often. Although there are plenty of excellent couch to 5K apps available, this one has a more specific focus on the run-walk interval method.

Start by using reviewing the Training Plan screen, which gradually takes you from a 1.1-mile run to a 3.1. The increase is gradual and doable for most athletes. Once you’ve completed a run, the finish screen details your distance, time, and pace, as well as a tracing of your route on a map.

For the most part, the app is very helpful; however, the pacing did seem to be a bit off when compared to my fitness watch and other apps. You may want a different method to track your pace.

Download: 5K Run – Walk run tracker for iOS | Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

5. FITimer – Interval Timer

Finally, the FITimer app offers a variety of timers for your next run/walk combination. A continuous run function lets you take on traditional runs as well.

Audible beeps or voice prompts tell you when to run or walk. It offers a lot of information on the screen when you’re running, including weather details and the number of steps you have taken. A robotic voice congratulates you on the completion of a run, which is pretty motivating on its own.

For an interval running app with a little extra data and workout statistics, the FITimer app is a fantastic choice.

Download: FITimer – Interval Timer for iOS (Free)

Keep Track of Your Run Walk Intervals With These Excellent Apps

Whether you’re interested in the traditional Galloway method or any other type of run/walk combination, these apps for running and walking intervals are a helpful tool for many athletes. If you’re already a fan of using countdown apps for interval training, then it’s easy to see how this type of application can work in your running workouts as well. Run your first 5K or dial in your marathon pacing with help from these apps that do the interval tracking for you.

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