4 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Feed

There’s no reason why you need to see everything Facebook throws at you, which is why you should know that there are options for you to choose exactly the types of posts you want to see.

If you’re tired of seeing the same old posts from the same people on your Facebook feed, it may be time to customize your preferences. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can make your Facebook feed more relevant to you.

1. React to Posts

You can easily manage what you see on Facebook by responding to posts using the three dots on the right-hand side of the post. A box will open which will allow you to choose between hiding, snoozing, or unfollowing the post.


Alternatively, if you like the content, you can also turn on notifications for the post (which will allow you to see when and what people say in response to it), and you can also save it for future reference.

2. Manage Your Feed Preferences

You can also manage your feed preferences. For example, if you choose to “snooze” something for 30 days, you’ll be taken to another set of options where you can choose to Report the piece of content or Manage Your Feed. If you choose to Manage Your Feed, you can Favorite, Snooze, Unfollow, or Reconnect with people, groups, and pages.

3. Add to Favorites

In the What’s In Your Feed section, you can manage what you see by adding content, people, groups, and pages to Favorites. In this section you will be able to see what you’ve added and view posts from your favorites.

You can also easily Add Friends and Pages to favorites by clicking on the blue button opposite their name. You can add up to 30 friends and Pages and prioritize their posts. You can also filter your news feed to see your favorite posts first.

4. Choose Ad Preferences

Facebook is known to show a lot of ads and many of those ads are interesting and relevant, whereas others are not. If you’ve ever wondered if your phone is recording what you say and then showing you ads based on what it hears, there are those in favor of this theory and those who are against it.

Nevertheless, there is an algorithm that determines what you “might like” but that doesn’t mean that it will get your preferences right every time. This is why you should know how to stop seeing ads you hate on Facebook.

You can do this by clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of the ad and choosing what you want to get rid of. You can Hide, Report, and Save the ad too. If you want to See more or See less of the same type of ad, you can select one of the two options.

To Manage Your Ad Preferences, go to your profile picture on the right-hand side of Facebook, click Settings and scroll all the way down until you get to Ads. Click on Ad Preferences. In this section, you will be able to Hide Ads you’ve recently seen. You can also filter by ad topics and ad settings. You will also see advertisers whose ads you’ve clicked on.

Be in Control of What You See on Facebook

You don’t have to accept everything that you’re offered on Facebook, especially if you find the content annoying, distressing, or irrelevant. It’s likely that you have several social media profiles, but you should be aware that you are able to monitor and control your news feed preferences by going into your profile settings.

With just a few clicks, you can potentially get rid of content that wastes your time, and personalize your news feed in a way that you want it.

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