4 Reasons Why Marvel Snap Is a Massive Hit

Marvel Snap officially launched in October 2022, bringing another card battler to the mobile and PC market. However, it soon found itself at the top of download charts, enjoying time in the spotlight as a major success.

So what makes the Marvel Snap card game such a massive hit? Here’s a look at a few factors that contributed to its success.

Marvel Snap Tops App Store Charts

Just a few days following its official 18 October 2022 launch, Marvel Snap topped the charts on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on 20 October. According to a report by mobilegamer.biz, the app received over 5.3 million downloads in its first week and earned over $2 million.

On Steam, where the game is available in its PC version, the title has also proved popular and has received positive reviews. With possible plans to add friend-matching, the game could soon become a top pick for the best two-player mobile games.

But what characteristics of Marvel Snap have made it so successful?

Reasons Why Marvel Snap Has Been a Hit

There are a few factors that seem to be contributing to the game’s popularity and success—rather than simply being popular because it’s free. These include the easy nature of picking up the game, collectible nostalgia, and its quick, competitive gameplay.

1. Marvel Snap’s Learning Curve Is Easy

marvel snap tutorial

When you first try out Marvel Snap, a convenient tutorial introduces you to the game’s mechanics. Cards each have a power score, with some equipped with special abilities. The goal of a match is to win two or more locations within a limited number of turns, with each card costing energy. You win a location when your cards at that location have more power than your opponents’.

Marvel Snap takes you through a few matches when starting out so that you can become acquainted with the mechanics of gameplay. Once you’ve successfully completed the tutorial, you are matched with others who are starting out so that you can get to know the game before entering higher leagues.

This simple learning process means casual players can easily get into the game without much time investment.

2. It Includes MCU and Comic Favorites

Not only is gameplay fairly easy to learn, but Marvel Snap’s characters will be familiar to anyone who is a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) or Marvel Comics.

Familiar faces include Hawkeye, The Punisher, Hulk, Gamora, and Odin, as well as many more. X-Men characters feature prominently, along with lesser-known comic fan favorites. This makes unlocking and upgrading cards feel fun and more rewarding.

3. It Taps Into Collectible Card Nostalgia

Those who grew up playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game or other card battle games will feel nostalgia pop up when playing Marvel Snap. Not only do you unlock cards as you progress (similar to collecting more cards for your Pokémon deck), but there are also unique variants you can collect for each card character.

The cards in Marvel Snap also have cosmetic upgrades which call back to traditional rare collectible cards. These upgrades include a 3D picture, shiny logo, and other visual enhancements. Marvel Snap has taken the appeal of physical collectible cards and translated some of this into a digital format.

4. It’s Quick and Competitive

A typical match in Marvel Snap has only six turns, meaning they only last a few minutes. This quick format is paired with competitive gameplay to make matches easy to jump into when you have a free moment.

While there’s no leaderboard, you are able to progress through various ranks. This makes winning a match more rewarding as you can see your points (or Cosmic Cubes) climb higher with each victory (and lower with each defeat or retreat).

Marvel Snap Has a Recipe for Success

Time will tell if Marvel Snap’s popularity continues to trend upward or fade away. However, its recipe of appealing characteristics means that it will continue to draw players and hook them in with its compelling gameplay for now.

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