3 Awesome Tesla Model 3 Features for Winter Driving

The Tesla Model 3 is probably the most famous electric vehicle in the entire world. Its quirky duck-like mug is instantly recognizable, even by people that aren’t into electric cars. With Tesla selling more and more Model 3s, this vehicle is being put to the test in the harshest winters the world over.

Luckily, Tesla has equipped the Model 3 with some really great winter driving aids, and it’s all about making your life easier during the cold months.

1. Scheduled Departure on the Model 3 Primes the Vehicle Before Setting Off

A white Tesla Model 3
Image Credit: Courtesy of Tesla Inc. 

If you live somewhere with wickedly cold winters, then your best bet is to use the Scheduled Departure feature on your Tesla Model 3. This feature allows the driver to program when they want their Model 3 to be ready to leave. This means that the Model 3 will schedule when to start charging and heat the cabin to ensure the Model 3 is ready for the journey by the desired time.

The Model 3 features preconditioning, which ensures that the battery is warmed to the correct temperature before you leave, and it also preps the cabin accordingly. According to Tesla, Scheduled Departure works to precondition your vehicle by the selected departure time.

Your vehicle automatically calculates when it needs to start preconditioning and/or charging.

The ability to customize your driving experience is one of the many advantages EVs enjoy over traditional cars.

2. Some Model 3s Can Defrost the Charge Port Latch

Tesla Model X charging

The charge port latch can freeze in place in frigid climates; this is obviously not something you want happening to your Model 3. Not to worry, because Tesla offers a solution.

Tesla equipped some Model 3 vehicles with a charge port heater. To get the most efficient results, you can turn on Scheduled Departure on your Model 3 and set a departure time.

This ensures that your Tesla Model will prime itself for departure, and the preconditioning feature will ensure that the charge port latch is free of frost. Features like this differentiate an excellent winter driving experience from a miserable one.

The fact that you can program your Tesla to prepare itself for your departure is a huge advantage, especially because all of this occurs as you charge your vehicle. This means you won’t have to worry about excessive energy usage directly from the battery.

tesla supercharger with two red and white charging stations

If you’re in the middle of a road trip and need to Supercharge your Tesla, but the conditions are extremely icy, don’t worry. All you have to do is use the navigation system, which will allow the vehicle to precondition the battery before arrival at the Supercharger location. This gets the battery nice and warm before getting to the Supercharger, which helps reduce the time you spend charging your Model 3.

Tesla says that the pre-heating process may take 45 minutes, or even more, depending on various factors. This is one of the reasons that Scheduled Departure and preconditioning your battery at home are so important. These features make life more convenient, even in the middle of miserable winters.

It’s incredible that you can get your vehicle ready to charge at a Supercharger, even before you actually arrive at the destination. Tesla has always been ahead of the curve in terms of allowing you to control your vehicle through software, which is one of the main things that differentiates a Tesla from a conventional vehicle.

This pre-heating feature also helps to take care of the EV’s battery in frigid conditions because charging a cold battery isn’t the best practice.

The Model 3 Is a Great Winter Companion

Contrary to popular belief, you can totally drive your EV in winter. In fact, if you drive a Model 3, you can be assured that your winter experience will be comfortable.

This is especially true if you take advantage of all the great winter driving features that the Model 3 offers. Winter driving doesn’t have to be complete torture, and Tesla has equipped the Model 3 to tackle the harshest climates in comfort.

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