12 Adult Internships to Relaunch Your Career

Internships are not only for the young. If you want to explore a new career or land a job after a long career break, consider applying for an internship. You can search for returnships on job boards or sign up to get notified of future opportunities. Here are the top companies on the lookout for adult interns.

Apply to Open Returnships on Job Boards

First, let’s look at returnships that you’ll find on job boards.

1. Amazon Returnship Program

E-commerce giant Amazon offers paid online training with benefits for career returnees. During the program, you’ll be paired with a mentor, complete a project, receive feedback from Amazon teams, and become familiar with Amazon’s workflow. If you perform well, you might get the chance to join Amazon as a full-time employee.

If the idea of becoming an adult intern at Amazon excites you, apply for their open roles for returners who have been unemployed or underemployed for one or more years. If accepted, you’d have to undergo 16-20 weeks of paid full remote training.

2. Eaton ReSurge Program

Eaton’s adult internship program is open for STEM college graduates on a voluntary career break and with more than two years of professional experience. Interns are part of a cohort and take on 6-11 month assignments working on real-world projects. If you’re a good fit, you might land a full-time role. If you’re interested in a career in Eaton, apply for one of their ReSurge roles.

3. Schneider Electric Return-To-Work

Schneider Electric Return-To-Work returnship program website

Are you coming out of a career break of two years or more? Do you have five years or more of experience in the field of Engineering or Supply Chain? Schneider Electric partnered with ReacHIRE to give you a chance to relaunch your career.

Return-To-Work is a structured and paid program that will help you regain confidence under the guidance of a mentor. You can apply for Schneider Electric’s open positions on ReacHIRE.

4. Microsoft Leap

Microsoft launched Microsoft Leap in 2015 to encourage more people to join the tech industry. If you’re a participant, you’ll get to join a 16-week program that combines classroom and hands-on training on engineering projects. Moreover, you’ll work with Microsoft employees and gain experience with their products.

If you’re interested in interning with Microsoft, choose from the pathways to tech roles such as Software Engineer, UX Designer, and Cybersecurity Engineer. Each cohort has specific eligibility requirements, and Microsoft requires applicants to have completed relevant training. If you need a refresher, download one of the best apps for free online courses.

5. UBS Career Comeback

UBS Career Comeback returnship program website

UBS’ part-time and full-time job openings are all open to Career “Comebackers.” If you’ve taken a career break for two or more years and want a job with hybrid work arrangements, Career Comeback might be your adult internship. UBS’ structured program includes meeting with other returners, transition coaching, and other activities to help you achieve personal development goals. To be considered for the program, apply on the UBS job board.

Sign Up For Adult Internships

You can also sign up for different adult internships elsewhere.

6. Dell ReStart

Dell ReStart Returnship program website

Dell offers excellent options for returnees who want to learn how to find a job after a career break. You can choose from the ReStart Direct Hire Program and the ReStart Returnship Program. Both choices are structured and offer career development support for professionals who have been employed or underemployed for at least one year.

The Restart Returnship Program is a paid 16-week training program for professionals working for at least five years. The Direct Hire program, meanwhile, offers full-time positions for participants who meet the requirements for open job positions at Dell. To apply, complete your profile at Dell ReStart’s application page. Dell considers self-employment, internships, and consulting work part of your professional work experience.

7. Deloitte Encore Program

Deloitte Encore returnship program website

Just when you thought your career was over, Deloitte calls you back for an encore. Deloitte offers coaching, hands-on experience, and a personalized development plan for adult interns. If you’re interested in working at one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world, apply for Deloitte’s Encore Program.

Encore is open for professionals who’ve been out of work for six months or more. Available opportunities include consultant roles in AI & Data Engineering, Project Management, IT, Cloud Engineering, Software Engineering, and more. To check if you’re qualified, submit your application on the Deloitte Encore Program page.

8. Ford Re-Entry Program

The Ford Re-Entry Program offers internships to qualified individuals who have been out of the workforce or underemployed for two or more years. Candidates receive valuable on-the-job training that can help them reenter the workforce.

Participants must be able to commit to a full-time internship for six months. The program offers opportunities for mentoring, professional development, networking, and exposure to senior-level management and the Ford culture. To apply, visit the program website and send an email.

9. Northrop Grumman iReturn

Northrop Grumman Returnship Program website

Are you interested in aeronautics, cyberspace, and defense technology? Then iReturn might be the adult internship for you. The program is 12 weeks long, just enough time to prepare for a possible full-time job with Northrop Grumman. If you’ve been unemployed for at least two years and are looking to improve your skills and get back in the game, you can reach out through email and apply for the next cohort.

10. HubSpot Returners Program

HubSpot Returners Program Returnship website

Adult interns in HubSpot’s Returners Program get to join a 20-week training to help them upgrade their skills. Aside from training, interns receive support and resources to slowly adjust to working again. The best part is learning from one of the best tech companies to work for and being inspired by HubSpot’s top-rated work culture.

HubSpot doesn’t offer returnships all year round, but you can sign up to get notified about the company’s twice-a-year cohorts. Alternatively, you can also try applying for any of their job openings.

11. Intuit Again

Intuit Again Returnship Program webiste

Intuit’s returnship program offers an opportunity for technology professionals to get back to a full-time career. Adult interns join a team and participate in a 16-week structured program with one-on-one mentoring, leadership chats, and boot camps. If you want to learn new skills in the tech industry, fill out the form at Intuit Again.

12. Raytheon Technologies Re-Empower Program

Raytheon Technologies Re-Empower Program website

Raytheon Technologies’ Re-Empower Program is open for all experienced candidates who took a break from work for at least a year. You’ll get to join a 14-week program with pay and work with a coach who will guide you as you relaunch your career. If you complete the program, Raytheon Technologies might offer you a position.

Raytheon Technologies accepts applications for adult internships all year round. Sign up for the Re-empower Program, then wait for a recruiter to review your application.

Relaunch Your Career With an Adult Internship

Internships are a great way to get your career back on track. They offer the opportunity to learn new skills, gain industry experience, and make valuable connections. And best of all, they may lead to full-time employment. An internship may be the perfect place to start if you’re interested in relaunching your career.

Did you take a career break to rest, volunteer, care for a family member, or serve in the military? Whatever the reason, opportunities are waiting for you. You can also consider starting a career in a new industry.

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